I am 19 and I am still pretty much a virgin. Is this bad?

Not at all!

There's no correct age for losing your virginity.

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Not bad at all, absolutley nothing wrong with it

Hiya :) I was nineteen when I lost my virginity. I chose to wait until I met a man I loved and trusted. As ruffledsheets says, there really isn't a correct age to lose your virginity. I think you have to be mentally ready as well as physically ready, plus be in a situation that allows you comfort of mind! That can take a long time to happen - far longer than your teenage years, and often far longer than society tends to push you towards thinking.

Don't think of it as a social pressure, or a need to conform. I found it very easy to find myself unattractive and unlikeable because I hadn't the experiences other people of my age had. However, I now feel better off for waiting until I was happy.

To be honest - being a virgin just makes you more special and interesting! You can never get that 'purity' back after all!

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I lost mine at 19 and looking back really wish I had waited, he wasnt the right guy for me and it would never have worked out.


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