Just to introduce myself and say hello.

Happily married for the last twenty years.

Thank god for Lovehoney and similar sites, at least we can now shop for sex toys in complete privacy. Last time we were in an adult shop in Manchester (the most famous one there) we felt most uncomfortable, especially as it had 'salon' style swing doors at the entrance (now been replaced) and people could stil see you over the top of them from the outside. Plus it had the archtypical dirty flashermac raincoat man inside eyeing up all the customers. Eewww! Then, on leaving, we got knowing looks and wolf-whistles from some idiot teenagers outside. This meant we never entered another adult shop ever again.

Lovehoney has changed all that for us and we can now browse in comfort without feeling judged by anyone.

The community on here is great and we all have the freedom to talk about whatever we like without others standing in judgement no matter what you are into sexually.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

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Hello and welcome! :)

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Hi and welome. Hope you enjoy it on here.

Mr and Mrs Badger.

Hi Annenon, welcome to the forum and I couldn't agree more about shopping online!

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