hellooo LH community...

any advice about cock rings? i think my boyfriends scared. hes always thought sex toys are an insult to him which obviously is not the case so how do i approach this. he knows i have ordered a bunch of toys and already is walking about with the face on. i am a very sexual person as he knows but we have been 'off' lately this is my way of getting our spice back. any men out there remember their first times? help! i am worried about our future if we cant get past this. thanks in advance...

Hey, I may not be male but I can throw my two cents in here. I think you need to reassure your boyfriend that he can satisfy you and please you, if he's taking this as an insult you need to sit down and talk to him about those feelings before trying to get him to try out some toys with you. Some people just don't like toys and if that's the case with your boyfriend then you may have to compromise and only use them during solo play. One idea is you get him to look through options with you so he feels included and he could even read through some reviews which might make him realize sex toys can boost your sex life to levels you can't reach without them. See if he's willing to try out something light at first, not sure what you're into, but a blindfold or cuffs could be a great starting point? Then slowly introduce other things. If he's willing to try it then let him know if he doesn't like it then you won't ask again.

If things with you two have been off I would suggest holding back on things until you can talk out with him. Good luck hope everything works out x

Hello and welcome :) Think you need to sit down and talk, communication is so important in relationships. You obviously know he's not comfortable with toys. . . . but you ordered them anyway ? You also say that this is YOUR way or getting the spice back. . . but what does he want ? Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh or isn't what you want to hear but if you've deliberately bought things he's not comfortable with I really don't think you're thinking of your relationship - sounds as though you're just thinking of getting what you want ! Have a serious chat, explain how you feel but make sure you listen to his point of view too - good luck x

Noooo I should have explained. He agreed to me buying them a couple of days ago. But when I shown him earlier he acted like that original convo didn't happen. I always try talking but he gets mad with me. We used to be amazing I'm confused about it all. Thank you for advice :)

Ah maybe he changed his mind and that kinda sucks if he just gets mad, maybe try communicating in some other way? Talking face to face can get overheated quickly sometimes, you could find another way to say everything that's on your mind (not just sex toy related but anything you can't say without an argument or him getting mad) and then give him some time and space to take it in and work out what he actually wants to say so he's not just saying something he doesn't mean in the heat of the moment!

We're txtin at the moment lol. Thank you.