Yes I think it is possible for Straight women and men to have the occassional fantasy involving their own sex without it meaning that they are gay or bi. " Kunilingus " who started this thread seemingly would like to experience what it would be like to be sucked by another man without actually declaring himself to be bi-sexual or have any other label attached and I would presume without affecting what he as going for him in his present love's called curiosty,nothing wrong with that. If someone invented a "Virtual Reality" machine were we could try different things with no danger of hurting/ruining our own or others lifes I'm sure there would be plenty happy to try many "curious" thoughts have I had...2 and only fleeting, how would I react if my hubby asked the same thing "Kunilingus" did....errrm...very worried! how did I react when he first suggested anal play on him...worried he was having gay do I feel about it now...not worried at all, love doing it to him. He loves it for what it is and what it does to him....we've been together 23 years and this as only happened in the last 4/5 months and in the same period our sex life as improved so, so much.