We do all have fantasies true enough, but do straight people really fantasise about people there own sex at one time or another?? if so I'm yet to.. I dont even like to see lesbian porn.. not that I think its wrong just that I hate the thought of woman and woman... worse of it all is to see girl on girl oral.... I understand however that its each to their own, I do get worried though because one of my mums long time friends is now gay... she was married for 20 years to a gay and has 5 kids by him... after her devorce she got together with a woman from work... out of curiousity I asked her if she was always gay.. she tod me that it had never crossed her mind before only that she felt like no matter how much sex her hubby gave her it was never good enough :O.... I always thought if you were gay you were always gay same as if you were straaight your always straight... Am I wrong ??