Help and advice needed

Me and my wife both have a fantasies about having sex in front of someone! We are thinking about making this come true. We have never done anything like this so would like a few questions answered if possible please
Does this sort of thing actually happen (someone just to watch us with no interaction?)
Does anybody have any experience of this?
And could anybody give us any general advice or point us in the right direction
Any help would be appreciated thank you

S and A

webcam sites ? ? to start with maybe ?

To uncontrolled don't like that idea need something we have control over

Try having a look around some swingers places, or some online places, set up a profile ect with what you're looking for and talk for a while (Weed out the weirdos) and then meet for a coffee take things from there.

Try Fabswingers x

me and the OH did had sex infront of two of our friends when we got out the shower :D Our excuse was, its our flat we'll do it where ever we like, and they just sat there and watched lol :L

Swingers parties usually have a code system of some sorts. Basically, just because you are at the party, does not mean anyone can pounce on you and touch you. You are just as entitled to go to the parties together and to not get involved with any other person. A lot of people just go with this intention, especially at the start. I would recommend looking more in depth into swinging. x

My Oh and I want to try the same thing and have decided to explore this at a club... We found a local one called Club Underground which has sites dotted around the Uk. You could try something like this as it's a safe environment and has strict rules so No means No at all times. This should give you somewhere safe to play together withough the risk of someone getting over excited and joining in when you don't want them to.

I hope this helps x

Fab swingers is a good site to try . You can find someone on there who would be willing to just sit and watch with no other interaction x

As has already been suggested Fabswingers is a great site to start chatting to people who maybe able to help with what you ask, but as with most sites of that nature do remember there are a lot of timewasters and fakes that you'll have to find your way around.

Another way is to visit a swingers club - there are some great clubs around the UK and they are all friendly, clean and welcoming places where you can do as little or as much as you wish. No always means no.

Have fun in the process though!