Help before they lock us all up!

Read this! We could all get arrested!

Someone makes a very good point in the article, if a woman was interrupted when using a vibrator in the privacy of a hotel room then there is no way anything other than laughter and some harmless embarrassment would follow.

The guy is strange but he’s not harming anyone.

It was nice to see the reaction of others who objected to the guy being put on the sex offenders register.

You could also argue that the guy is only using his bike (what exactly he was doing I really wonder) because he didn’t know about something better to use that was actually designed for the purpose of male masturbation.

I have a crazy friend who once claimed to have had sex with the crack between the cushions of his parents sofa!

The extreme reaction of the law indicates that male sexuality in and of itself, solely for the pleasure of the male, unconnected and unconcerned with reproduction, satisfying a woman or building a relationship between partners is repressed. Of course it is males who largely create and enforce the law so it’s something we are doing to ourselves.

On the other hand, the guy was fucking a bike so maybe the above is bollocks and he should be locked up forever.

This is another string to the bow of the thought police, crimes are now committed if someone can be offended by your words or actions.
Leaving aside the fact that he was romantically involved with his bike??? I don't see as the cleaners had any right to report him just because THEY were shocked by his behaviour. He may have been in a hostel but it was still his own front door. He wasn't abusing a living creature, he wasn't involving children or animals, so what's the problem.
If masturbation is now deemed a breach of the peace even in the privacy of your own home, we are all of us doomed and what next? Will they be cutting our hands off at the wrists so that we can't break the law.

i think that is stupid!! exactly as you've said it was in his house! he wasnt in public and causing offence to anyone!! this is shocking and i bet if it was a woman doing something similar, the person who walked in on them(esp if it was a man) would have been the ones being charged!

Agree with all of the above - the cleaners were guilty of breaching his privacy.

It seems to me that if a man walking down a street sees a woman undressing in her bedroom, then he is guilty of being a peeping tom, whereas if it were the woman staring at a man doing the same, the man would be guilty of indecent exposure.
Queen Victoria is said to have refused to outlaw lesbianism because she didn't believe that it could happen, yet was quite happy to believe in and outlaw male homsexuality.
Does our law assume that any man engaged in unconventional sexual behaviour is dangerous and probably needs locking up, while a woman doing something similar is, at worst, a little eccentric, but probably just a little frustrated?

I think you have hit the nail on the head there Throbbing... there is some sort of womens fravroutism going on...
Its also like when woman try having sex with another woman they are just curious.. men do it they are fags... Its age old I guess.. one day things may change for the better but until then If I was a guy I would watch myself carefully!!

its stupid..we are the fairer sex (:P) but still a bit harsh on the guys! they have needs too! and normally higher than us women..maybe not us OA women, you just need to look at the threads to learn that!!hehe the guy would definately be a peeping tom if it was the other way round which is stupid! why did the bike guy please guilty anyway??he did nothing wrong! people have got away with a hell of alot worse

yeah like.. my neighbours little en was sexually abused by her step dad and he only got a shot sentance.... this was when I was young but I remeber thinking that she had that with her for the rest of her life its all over for him withing that short sentance :S this other guy had no one else involved in his actions and was delt with like a sexual monster :S

did you know you can gt put on the sex offenders register walking down the road in your bra
and how can you have a sexualact with your bike? im confused lol

LOL we all are but I guess we will never know ...

my first thought is the bike handle ;) lol

Geez, I wonder what would have happened if he'd been doing it with an inflatable dolphin? Would they have called the RSPCA?!

Just goes to prove how pathetic the legal system is, and the reason why most of us don't trust it any more! It also shows the puritanical streak still in Scotland.

It seems from the article that it's partly the guys fault for pleeding guilty to breach of peace (probably because he hoped it would all go away quietly if he did - oops!)

The lesson for everyone is this - if you ever get charged with breach of the peace, ALWAYS fight it if there was anything remotely sexual about your behaviour, otherwise you could have your entire life ruined by ending up on the sexual offenders list next to all the pedos!

So people on stag and hen nights or anyone mooning out a window or flashing their tits when pissed had better be VERY careful in future. Or anyone in a hotel.

Welcome to Gordon Browns Police State!

So following this logic, anyone buying a cucumber is a potential sexual deviant!

If they make a suggestive comment about it over the veg counter, hold it in a manner that elicits a complaint from anyone who alleges they were offended, or happen to be masturbating with it in the privacy of a locked room that gets burst into unexpectedly then yes - they certainly are.

Viva the thought-police.

Sex with a pavement!

Where will it all end? LOL

LOL Sex with a pavement :S thats a new one on me :Pwhat ever floats ur boat!

" Sex with a pavement"..........So that's what they mean by "kerb crawling".....LOL

Yeah, the whole thing are very weird. I also find all the lack of freedom and survilance in the UK a little weird.

In any case I think people should be free to masturbate in whatever way they want, even out maybe as long as they don't do it with the intention to be seen. Some guy over at fleshlight forums has his balls from behind as avatar and I find that disrespectful and weird just in the same way some dude in a coat showing of .. We (some of us atleast) don't want to see it and he shouldn't be forcing us to. He should play by the same rules online as in irl.

And yes, noone would say shit if it was a girl.

What a load of crap! I can't believe how stupid the laws in this country have become. He was in his room, the cleaners were the ones at fault here not him!

If I was caught in a hotel room by cleaners while using one of my vibes or dildos does that mean I'd get put on the sex offenders register?
Yes that item was not ment for the purpose of masturbation, but nor is a cucumber or a candle stick with a condom on, but we've all heard of people using those too.