Help! Beginner to anal!

Hi everyone!

So basically, I'm hoping to try my third attempt to anal with my boyfriend.

The first two attempts didn't go too well..

First time we hardly got the tip in but we didn't have a clue what we were doing, didn't use the right lube and it didn't get very far.

second attempt we read up and brought some desensitising lubes to help. One was anal ease which you insert up the golden hole and another which you put on the golden hole and on their magic wand.

This went a little better than the first attempt, he got all the way in, however it was really hard for me as it hurt so much.

When he got in it was okay, but when he tried to thrust out slowly it really hurt. My boyfriend was so good, took it slow and listened to me, however it didn't seem to work. I was left very sore. My boyfriend is quite large, length and width.

I feel really unconfident now, and a little scared to try it again. I am quite a sensitive sole, but I think it may just be in my head!?

And tips from experienced analers would be amazing and I would be so greatful if you told me some tips. I have looked into getting butt plugs however I'm not sure which ones to get?

Thanks in advance guys,

love, your anal scared friend xx


Was this an accidental second posting? You have an identical thread here that people are commenting on x