Help choosing a "Realistic Vagina"

My first post here so hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have in the past owned both the Lovehoney "Thrust Pro" Eva, and the larger Holly model "Realistic Vagina's".

I enjoyed both these products, and the LH service was nothing short of truly amazing.

The thing is after a few weeks of use, even when using plenty of renewal powder and regular cleaning, they just dont feel all that nice on the inside (perfect on the outside), and I go off using them completely.

I find this a shame as I really do like that Holly model, but there is an underlying tackyness to the internal texture after multiple uses I just get ignore.

So with this in mind, I was wondering if anyone can recommend my next toy? I am looking for something as realistic as possible, but non-threatening to look at and easy to clean. I am really struggling here lol!

Any help at all is really very much appreciated!!

The trouble is that for all realistic materials, you're going to have the same issue of needing to use revitalising powder.

Maybe the issue here is the way you clean them?

The correct method is to thoroughly wash with warm water and soap, and then leave to thoroughly air-dry (although a lint-free cloth may help too). I usually leave them either on the windowsill, on a towel, or near a heatsource (not directly touching it though). This seems to be enough for the moisture to completely evaporate.

Once dry, stick on your renewal powder, and be really generous, like use loads, and then stick it away in a lint free bag, box or whatever you've chosen to use. This doesn't fail for me, yes after time, the material does stiffen, but the tackiness you speak of isn't something I've experienced quite as quickly.

Oh, also remember to wash off the renewal powder before use!


Thanks for your reply..

I always washed with plenty of hot water, but never soap so I guess I could try that. Are you supposed to turn them inside-out to clean? I couldnt quite manage to do that myself!

Im thinking about purchasing another Thrust Pro Eva, but wondering if there is anything else out there anyone can recommend? Are those expensive fleshlights really any better for example?

They're better in that the tube gives better grip for your hand, but the material is very similar, and you may still have the tackiness problem. Does Eva come with a rod through the middle? Might be worth saving that so the inside of the hole doesn't touch the other side in storage?

If you can turn it inside out, that would help, but it's just not feasible with most toys.

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