Help! Desire App

I've been challenged to a "would I lie to you" type dare and my mind has gone blank. I need to think of 4 lies (and 1 truth but we'll gloss over that) which are interesting but plausible. The theme (not surprisingly) is "erotic". Any ideas??

How about an experience with a minor celeb? that could be a plausible lie...

You have a piercing in an erotic spot.

You have a tattoo in an erotic spot.

You have had sex in a certain place (library, aeroplane, museum, park.....)

You have a third nipple.

You have had a boob job.

I should have mentioned I've been dared by my husband so things like piercings/tattoos/boob jobs won't work but thank you for the suggestions

Ah ok! So if it's your hubby he knows you very well... could it be around fantasies then? As actual experiences he'd know about! That makes it a bit trickier. How about:

I've always wanted to visit a lap dancing club and have a private dance

My first kiss was with a girl (unless he knows it wasn't?

I would love to be a dominatrix for a day

A fantasy of mine is to try group sex

Oh!!! Haha! I will have another think then.....

We've been to lap dancing clubs but the others would work with a couple of minor tweaks. Thank you. 😘

I've changed them a bit to increase the plausibility but thank you for the inspiration 😘 This is my final list

1. In 6th form I snogged a female classmate at a party for a bet

2. I once had sex mid afternoon on Hampstead Heath

3. I'd like to ramp up the exhibitionism and try dogging (being watched only)

4. I tried to get a nipple piercing but chickened out at the last minute

5. I nearly caused a crash by flashing another driver on the motorway (I was a passenger at the time)