Help- Have you ever had this issue?

Right, after nearly two years and one failed attempt I convinced my OH to let us try anal again, This was our lube of choice

Right ready through reviews people have said its "warming" while others have said its amazing for anal. We've had no issues with vaginal sex (we're nearing the end of the bottle btw so we're not new to it) but when we tried to use it for anal OH MY GAD it was not normal, she started complaining about it burning and I just thought it was because of me (I'm not exactly small down there) but then I started feeling a burning feeling and this carried on for both of us for about 5 minutes

Ive also now noticed, my penis is red and there are veins protruding when I retract my foreskin (they didnt used to be visable)

can anyone give me feedback on what could be happening here?

Could be a mild reaction to one of the chemicals thats used in the lube?

It occured to me that there is nothing wrong with the lube as you said you have been using it for 2 years. It sounds like you need to use anal lube. Just because other poeple used it for anal sex it won't be good for everyone. Did you use a condom?

Sorry mis read the post slightly..(I thought you said you had used it for 2 years) But the point is that you have used the lube before so like i said, it's probably the wrong lube for anal sex

We had another flavour of that same lube. We stopped using it for sex and just used it for massage. We found that there was something about it that irritated my vagina in a way that other lubes didn't.

I'm fairly certain it was something to do with the sweetness of it. Your body can get irritated by sweet lubes, shower gels and perfumes (thats especially true for women but also goes for men). We use Maximus and KY now and never have an issue.

Have you considered going to the GP or pharmacist just to get a cream or something for the irritation?

Hi, have you ever tried this stuff?

Me and my OH recently got a bottle and it is great, we do not like the durex lubes so much, quite tacky and not the best at allowing things to slip in compared to the liquid silk.

It sounds like a mild skin irritation and I wouldn't worry about it too much.

If the irritation persists for over a week, see your GP. Men can get infections from irritation to you know! Not just us ladies! This might sound embarrassing but believe me they have seen everything! If you don’t want to go to your GP go to a specialised GUM clinic.

The anus is very sensitive so it might be that the nerve endings down there just can’t hack the warming sensation which would explain why it’s ok for vaginal use and not anal use: which gives explanation your OH’s discomfort… I just don’t really understand why the lube would cause you this irritation too if you’ve used it for vaginal use… Puzzle indeed.

For now stop using it. Maybe the bottle went out of date? Sounds weird but it can!

You should also be using an anal lube for maximum comfort during anal sex. This is a good video which explains the difference between normal and anal lubes: Buyer's Guide: Anal Lubricant

This is the lube my OH and I use and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

I’d give it a while before suggesting anal sex to her again though!

Hope this helps Xx