Help - I’m between 2 sizes and don’t know what would fit better

Hello everyone, first time poster (and kinda nervous, not gonna lie!). My partner recently told me he would like to see me wear leather/pleather/spandex type lingerie during sex/foreplay. I‘ve never worn those before, other than leather jackets and spandex shorts, but I am down to try (almost) anything once!

I found one bra and panty set on here that I like (Exposed Lust Black Wet Look Studded Keyhole Bea Set), but I have no idea what size to order. My dress size fluctuates between size 8-10, so I’m not sure what size to select for this lingerie set, since the options are either S/M (dress size 4-8) or L/XL (dress size 10-14). To make things trickier, with most lingerie sets, they either fit my breasts and are way to big for my bottom, or they are way to small for my breasts and fit my bottom well. I’m afraid the S/M would be too small, but the L/XL too big, and I don’t know if the set I like has an adjustable bra.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on what size I should try? If it doesn’t fit right, could someone share the return policy/where to find it?

Thank you!


Hi @Manon22 :wave:
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I love the look of that set but know my boobs wouldn’t fill it so don’t own it. There are a couple of reviews from people between the sizes that say it fits on the larger size so you might be better getting the smaller option (but my opinion is based soley on the reviews.)

If you get and it doesnt fit, you can return it if the lables are in tact and you tried it on with knickers underneath. Certainly there are members on here who have returned lingerie, some buy two sizes with the intention of returning one.

This is the returns policy :+1:

I know what I’ve stated above doesn’t correspond with the return policy on lingerie but you really can’t tell if it fits without trying it on just make sure you do have something under the pants.

I’m also going to include this post from @Kitty-Cat01 as maybe she can help you with her experience on the returns policy for lingerie.


Theres also the wet look stuff. Lovehoneys fierce range are really nice and surprisingly stretchy.

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All depends if the materials for this item are stretchy as if so then you may be able to get a good fit with the S/M size.
Alternatively buy both sizes to try on and send one back once decided what fits better :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi and welcome @Manon22 :wave: I don’t own that one so can’t comment on tgat one in particular. Generally items that are suitable for a wide range of sizes are very adjustable or stretchy. The returns policy is worded quite strangely. It is perfectly ok to try something on and return it as long as the tags are still on and you try them on over your own knickers. I often buy several styles and return ones that don’t fit and i’ve never had a problem. I would buy both sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit.


Hi & welcome have you considered latex perhaps more expensive and needs careful handling when dressing etc but extremely stretchy just think of a balloon !