Help I’m new... love eggs!

Hi all, I’ve recently been interested in trying some toys after catching half hour of a kinky sex program on the TV. I’ve been married 4 years and our sex life is great, I just sometimes feel I’d like to try something a bit different. I love the closeness we have when having sex but sometimes I just want a “quickie”! I’ve ordered some love eggs from here, they’re due to be delivered tomorrow. Here’s the catch- I’ve not told my OH. Do any of you have some advice on how I broach the subject with him about using them? Thanks 😊

Just to add, I’ve ordered the Alive 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg 😊

Hello and welcome 🙂

There's a Lovehoney guide about introducing sex toys that you might find useful. 👍

And if you're completely new to toys/Lovehoney there's loads of other guides that cover a whole host of other stuff too. We got lots of ideas from having a browse of those. 🙂

Guide Section

I hope you like your new toy, but if you do try them out and find they're not the one for you then don't forget about the Happiness Promise:

Hope this is useful. 👍🙂

Hi and welcome

It can depend a lot on your approach and your partners openness to trying new things.

it could be really hot going to a pub/cafe and handing him the remote, tell him what you've got inside you and giving him control, but that could backfire if he(?) is quite reserved and not easily up for new things.

Normally recommended is a conversation held outside the bedroom. You could link it to something you've seen or read (e.g on that to show I saw them using x product, I thought it looked fun / hot, what do you think?).

Browsing Lovehoney together is also a good idea, or separately and create a list of toys to show each other.