Help - Looking to buy first toy for g/f


I was hoping you guys could help me. I'm looking to buy a sex toy for my g/f. It be the first one she has ever had and was wondering what everyone would recommend.

Would you go for a virbrator or a dildo?

Or something else. I want her to experience the fun you can have with sex toys and want to start her off with something that will make her cum.

She is shy in the bedroom and im hoping a toy would bring out the devil in her



probably a bullet. discreet, not threatening, versatile.

The main thing will be how you introduce it, you dont' want to pressure her in to it and put her off. Good luck :-)

Hi Chris,

Without knowing your girlfriend's particular preferences it's kind of tricky to advise, but in general for a first toy I'd recomend something quite small, non-threatening - maybe a bullet vibe because they're great for clit stimulation and are particularly good to use during sex so it might be less of a big deal for her to use a toy while you were together rather than using a toy solo. Personally I'd definitely go for a vibrator, but maybe that's just me because I love vibrations.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something to suit her really well though, LH have so much choice :)

thanks. i might buy one of each and see how we go lol.

which virbrator would you recommend and which dildo

If youre lookimg for a bullet then this brand has great feedback

Alternatively this makes a great gift set

personally i wouldnt buy a dildo as a first toy gift. You dont know what size/shape/texture etc she would like. They vary so much that its pretty much a personal preference that shes perhaps best to choose herself.

Have you ever thought of buying a vibrating cock ring? If she's shy in the bedroom it may reassure her knowing that it's something for the both of you rather than the lime light just being on her?

I agree with what others have said, a small bullet vibrator would be a good choice - I think she might find a dildo a bit intimidating as a first toy. Have you asked her what she might like? there might be something she would love to try that you wouldn't even think of.

she said she has an open mind, she also said she wants something powerful and big and if she is going to have one she might as well have one that will make her cum

Any chance you could look at the site with her? Perhaps start with the lingerie then suggest you browse? She may see something she likes the look of. I would have been far too shy to agree if my hubby had just whipped out a toy, but we browsed together and now literally anything goes in our house!
But if she's really shy, take the time to make her feel like a goddess. Let her know just how much you enjoy being with her and give her the sexual confidence she needs and I'm sure she'll surprise you! Hope you both have lots of fun!

In that case, have you considered a rabbit? You get the best of both worlds and they come in a range of sizes/colours/materials. Browsing the site together is a great way to get an idea of what you would both like to try.

jus been txing her and she wants me to surprise her but wants something that will blow her mind.

one min she is all shy then next she wants the biggest and most powerful toy going

How about this then

My first toy which my boyfriend helped me choose was this one:

Since then, I've been a lot more adventurous and am more willing to try other things in the bedroom! Hopefully she comes out of her shell with whatever you choose to buy her, and becomes more confident with you in the bedroom! :)

Maybe have a look through this LH guide together and have a read of some reviews :) x

I'd recommend a g spot toy, something with very reliable reviews, it's expensive but the jimmy jane form 6 is brilliant! Or the supreme silicone vibrating dildos are brilliant, the rock box will blow her mind but may be a little too much as a first toy

For the first toy, definitely go with a simple vibrator. G-spot toys don't work for everyone and if mine had been one, I might not have tried other vibrators afterwards. Rabbits are good but not for a first one I think.

My suggestions would be this one: It's somewhat expensive but it's certainly worth it. It's very easy to use, quiet and has a lot of settings. Also it does't use batteries which is a bonus. Alternatively, this: was my first toy. A cheaper option and a great little vibrator, plus you can play around with insertion (though others are better for that)

Definitely buy something that isn't too big. You can have some fantastic times with smaller toys.

I would go either for a stylish bullet vibe,,

or for a "romantic" glass dildo -

You could perhaps give her a nice massage, and use the glass (I would heat it a bit in warm water beforehand) as an extra sensual massage aid. If she likes it, she may be eventually willing to try using it internally as well.

Glass is amazing! The rose would be lovely on valentines day, you have to be gentle with glass though

i was looking at the glass ones, do they feel good