Help me buy something for our holiday!

Hi I'm off on holiday and wanted to buy a present for my girlfriend to take with us.

we've had the same toy for ages: one of these

she likes the vibrations and would like something more powerful, the size is right to go inside but i feel that the material isn't that great unless you use some lube. We are not really into lube and she get's quite naturally wet.

look for a toy that she will enjoy using inside her and for clitoral stimulation, i guess like most guys i enjoy seeing her 'full' but want her to be comfortable and enjoy it.

was thinking about something for g-spot stimulation but feel that perhaps that's a different toy all together.

any recommendations for something what works well with our lube

happy to buy something mid - high end..

I would recommend the Tracey Cox Supersex USB G-Spot Vibe (currently on sale):

Or the battery version:

I haven't personally used either of these but I am thinking of getting the rechargable, which would be great for travelling as is doesn't require endless batteries.

I have had other Tracey Cox products in the past and those with a similar texture and it is more than comfortable with only natural lubrication.

The Lovehoney Flash USB vibe is also VERY powerful:

Hope you find something you'll both love!

good suggestion, I like the look of te rechargeable one and the review seem that it is good for squirting orgasms!

i'll let you know the results!

does any have experience of mteal dildos?

they look horny but not sure in practice?