Help me choose a lube

Hi all

My husband and I have only recently started to use lube at all - I didn't think I needed it but due to some gynae issues that cause pain, I've found that it stops the initial pain completely.

However, I'm concerned that I'm reacting badly to the Durex Play we are using. Cystitis and dryness to following day (which I only get when we use it), and it leaves behind what looks like little clumps of glue inside, which has me a bit freaked out.

So I'm trying to find something that is good for people who are sensitive to lube, I guess something as natural as possible.

Any tips? I haven't been able to find anyone having the same issues as me, but I do have a lot of internal scarring so it may be that this is just triggering something. At the moment I'm having to decide between pain during sex or pain the next day!

Thanks :)

Hi. and welcome to the forum.

I have severe allergic reactions to some lubes I use.

This one I have no reaction to at all. I use it for sex and anal and have no problems at all.

Hi there and welcome to the forums. I personally use Sliquid Sassy or Lovehoney’s own Anal Lube for everything as they don’t contain any chemical nasties, glycerin or parabens and are slightly thicker than normal lube and long lasting:

Also, have a look at this Lovehoney Guide of how to find the perfect lube:

Hope this helps :) xx

These lubes sound perfect for hat you need. I have a similar problem and find these a life saver!

I 100% recommend Sliquid too. I use their Organics range myself :)

Atm I'm using the Gel version (second one) as it is a bit thicker and more cushiony (I believe it's supposed to be the organic version of Sassy but I think it's a bit thicker still).

I had the same problems as you, plus recurrent yeast infections which have stopped since I switched to this brand.

How about System JO organic there's no nasties in it i have had unpleasant reactions to a certain lube brand before (not sold on here) the JO organic lube doesn't give me any problems it's refreshing and moisturising

Thanks so much for your advice, glad it's not just me! I will try one of these :)

If you're changing from Durex, you have loads of room for improvement and plenty of choice.

Another recommendation for the Sliquid range here.

Sliiquid is the best I have ever used and no episodes of thrust since I stated using it etc

Just a quick thanks to those on this thread ... was going to ask much the same question no need now :)

blonde vixen13 wrote:

Sliiquid is the best I have ever used and no episodes of thrust since I stated using it etc

Surely the whole point of lube is for thrust episodes! ;)

Isn't any of you concerned over the fact that Sliquid contains aspartame?