Help me out here

Okay So I have made a previous post about this guy I had been seeing since November, will just called him 'A'.
Met him on a dating app and on this app I have had loads of messages so when I met up with him he kept askin why and I said cuz I was bored and you seemed normal. Well since then I've realised he's def the insecure type as he has had used these dating apps for years and only rly got dates out of it, mainly first dates. He's quite clingy and kept pushing for a relationship and I kept saying 'we shall see'. Anyway, I know he met up with this girl off an app years ago they had a date and he said it didn't work out so they have just been friends since. Altho as far as I was concerned she hardly saw him up to the point when he was seeing me, plus her ex finished with her and she had unsuccessful dates. Anyway I found the whole thing suspicious and makes me think they are both desperates. So I still used this dating app purely out of boredom wasn't Gona meet anyone else but he kept telling me to delete it and how he doesn't like it. So anyway didn't talk to him for a few weeks after that when principle wise he shouldn't meet someone off a dating app when I'm only chatting anyway. Then basically said i can't trust him now and all of a sudden he's back on this dating app again and Keeps lookin on my profile, also deleted him off fb and snap chat as he says he will do what he wants now he's single (basically I think he's being a dick and very immature.)

So messages him on Friday about it and basically said 'cya' because he's rly pissed me off.

Then last night messaged my ex (call him guy B) who I haven't talked to for months cuz seeing guy A has made me realise what I had before and what a good person he was- would not ever cheat and doesn't use dating apps just into football which we used to argue about in the past but would rather someone was into football than seeing other random girls. When I messages him he said he was going to message me a few weeks ago and I basically said how embarrassed I was about arguments in the past and he agreed. Then was being flirty/cheeky which I have missed. And then said 'when we having our make up sex' lol, Altho he's ProbS joking don't think it's a bad thing after all he is normal in comparison to these app men.

I feel sorry for guy A but pressurising someone into a relationship isn't the way forward, yet he's still stalking my profile so he's still interested right even tho he says otherwise? Guy B on the other hand I have known for years used to argue all the time but when reflecting on the past I really do think I loved him even tho I wouldn't admit it at the time.

Any helpful advice guys?

If you really think that guy B is for you. Dump the dating app, delete your profile and take things a step at a time.

I do really like him but don't know if he feels the same. Only messaged him a few times since yesterday but so far so good... Just don't want to blow it ha

my 2 cetns, for what it is worth hon you know you are not into Guy A because he seems clingy and frankly a bit nutty. Not sure why that guy is even in the equation unless you are just bored and like the attention.

See where things go with Guy B, but I dont think you need to delete the dating ap (can you block guy A on the ap?) and if and when things start back up with Guy B you shoudl delete the dating ap.

Good luck!

That one of the dating app sounds like he's a stalker just get away from him and just tell your old /new boyfriend what your issues were before and work through them

Thanks guys, he was a nice guy at first tbf but don't think he has a sense of reality because he uses dating apps too much lol.

Gona try and get closer to guy B I think complimenting him more shall work ha. Might buy stuff off LH to cheer him up too haha

Guy A is definitely immature and hasn't learned from previous dates - I've seen his type far too many times.

If Guy B is who you want then rebuild and go for it, the honest approach will build your relationship up so much stronger. Sometimes it takes a little time apart to make us appreciate exactly how much our other halves mean to us.

That's exactly how I feel. Immaturity and lack of understanding of the real world is what first came into mind when he was meeting up with some random girl off a dating app from years ago. And Def don't wana mess it up with guy B ha