Help! Sizing advice for Black Level PVC Catsuit with Full Length Zip


I'm thinking of getting this for my partner for xmas:

The sizing is confusing though; she is a size 10, sometimes gets in things a size down, so definitely an 8-10. Surely with a catsuit you don;t want any looseness, it is supposed to be skin tight, so I'm worried that a 10-12 will not have the desired effect, but a 6-8 would be too small. Any advice? Anyone actually bought this product before?

Help! Thanks :-)

Generally because the range between 2 sizes there will be a bit of give normally in the way of stretch
So it shouldnt ever be baggy.
I'm normally a size 8-10 but because my boobs won't fit in most of the 8 things I go for the size 10-12 and I don't generally have any problems with it being too loose.
The last thing I'd want is to wear something too tight and therefore uncomfortable especially something like a catsuit as it's not limited to one area. Personally I'd say go on the side of caution and go up in size, it's always better to need a smaller size than to have to send something back to buy a bigger one. X

Great advice, thank you! Didn't even think of that last bit. Wise words :-)