HELP- The boyfriends birthday present

Ok, so in one month the bloke turns 23, and since it's the first time we've been together for either of our birthdays, I want to set a precident of kinky suprises.

So- so far all I know is that I want to strap him to a chair and blindfold him, because it's something so totally different from what we've done before. And then I get stuck. I have chocolate body paint, and my clothing (it's a chain thong, very pretty, but I can't find a picture or one similar atm).

Any suggestions for ways to tease him before the grande finale? I'm thinking of things to get his senses other than his eyes working.

(For those of you wondering, yes the bloke did used to be on the forum, but since he hasn't been on in ages I think I'm safe lol)

Well I'm assuming you're going to be in charge since he's tied down, so....

How about you start off by getting him to open his mouth and you insert various parts of your body e.g. Let him suck on one of your toes, stick you fingers inside yourself and let him suck it off, pop a boob in there, grind your cunt against his face, get him to kiss your ass.

For touch you could get a box full of grapes, get him to feel them, then tell him it's eyes. On second thoughts that's probably not sexy.

Run various things over him like a feather, a piece of silk, fur, ice cubes, hot wax from a candle.... vary it fom one extreme to the other so that he's no idea what's coming next.

GrayMatter- Halloween in your house must be fun...

I've heard people mention hot wax play before. whats the deal with it? Does it burn or leave a mark or anything? Plus hes a very hairy man so would pulling it off tear patches out of the carpet so to speak?

You get ones that burn cooler, but I reckon it would be a waxing, or a brown paper and iron job.

When you say very hairy, how hairy, where hairy?

Erm... never thought of that. He's only done it to me and it felt divine (I don't have a hairy chest... yet!

How can one candle burn cooler than another candle? I don't get that.

Depends on what chemicals go into it and what wax you use. The more mineral oil in the blend the cooler it will burn.

Or so wikipedia tells me.

Well I never, that bugger told me that the 3rd degreee burns were all part of the fun! ;)

Lol. By hairy I mean very lol. And pretty much all over. Except the side of his body, but he's ticklish there lol. May be tryable though... so do you need special candles then?

Very hairy all over? Did you pick him up at Bristol Zoo by any chance, was he behind one of those cage type thingies?

You mean I wasn't suppost to let him out of there? Buthe looked so lonely... lol

Hmm- I feel a buying session! To the internet! Or LH anyway. Or even Ebay. *Toddles off*

LOL. Have fun! Let's know what you decide on.