Help to advance jiggle balls

Hi all,
I’m looking for a new set of Ben wa balls.

I currently have these ones

Along with a vibrating remote control love egg which myself and my husband love to use whilst out.

However I’m looking for some advice on some more advance ones if people could recommend any. Looking towards weighted etc.

Thanks for your help!

The Je Joue 3 step kit is good for varying the workout, as are the Lelo Luna balls.

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The Lovehoney Main Squeeze range spring to mind, I find them super comfortable and a great price. Since yours are 45g you can skip the lightest ones and go for the intermediate (60g) or advanced (90g):

I used the Lelo Luna balls many moons ago but the string got really ick, I now prefer ones with a silicone 'string' so I can know they are clean. This set is a similar design to the Lelo one but with different weight combinations and a silicone string: