Help with lost orgasms

Hi folks.

I've only been using toys for solo play for around 6 months. I had hardly ever been bought to orgasm before during sex and hoped that learning how to bring myself to orgasm would help.
Well it has, and I know know what buttons to press and what works for me.
But recently I've hit a problem.
When I start off I can generally orgasm within 60 seconds. But I stopped finding this satisfying. So I have started edging myself. But when I've 'backed off' just before orgasm I've not once been able to get myself back up to that point and bring myself to orgasm no matter how long I keep going for. I'm finding this really frustrating as I feel that if I don't just let go and have a fast orgasm then I won't have one at all so my solo session ends up disappointing and I give up.
Any ideas why this is?

Hiya! Are you using the same toy every session? It may be that you are accustomed to this and needing a little change.

Hey RosyCheek

No I've already accumulated a really good collection lol. Including anal toys. Obviously I have my favourites but I certainly swap them out for a change of stimulation and sensation.

Thanks Alicia4ever! This all makes sense, I do use multiple toys at once, so a bullet for clit and a vibe for vaginal and often a butt plug too!!
I've never been able to orgasm just from internal stimulation, I've always needed clit stimulation too. And yes I always dive straight in with toys first.
I will try some of this out tonight, it sounds very sensual, the sort of thing I could lay and let a man do all night, but never tried it on myself!!
And no I've never had multiples, I've tried but once I orgasm it's like I loose all sensation immediately.