Help With Mobile

If there is already a thread on this then I would appreciate it if someone could point me towards it. Thanks.

I can't use a computer to go on the internet (very long story). I either use my phone or my Xbox through the Internet Explorer app. I've been wanting to upload a profile picture but I don't know how or even if I can by using my phone. I know how to if I was using a computer and I can get to the right page with my Xbox but Microsoft suck and don't allow pictures to be uploaded.

So my other option would be to use my phone. I can't find the options to upload pictures on the LH Mobile site so I go on to the full website. I can find the right page to upload pictures but when I scroll down it says "Choose you picture:" with a grey box next to it saying "Uploads Disabled".

Does this mean that the only way to upload pictures is to use a computer or am I just being dense.


Red Lightning

I am able change my pic on phone so should be poss.

Thanks Naked_butler and Avrielle_Aniko for responding. I downloaded opera on to my phone to see if a new browser would make a difference and it has. The upload button is now there. Thanks again.

Lol. I smashed my head through a glass coffee table and it has messed me up. I started walking the wrong way to get home earlier. Must have killed too many brain cells lol.

I've got a Sony Ericsson and It's the worst phone I've ever had. I can't wait to change it. I'm surprised that Opera even works on it