Help with rude boy.

Just recieved one a few days ago but dont seem to be getting out of it!! Anyone whos got one and would like to share some tips with me please do as i feel like ive just wasted £40.

Get really relaxed, well lube the toy and your bum, and push in gently, Don't go too far in at first. When it's slightly in, leave it and get used to the feeling. if your toy's too big entry will be painful, get a smaller on or one that starts small and widens. If its too long resist the temptation to push it all the way until you're ready. Do it on your own at first - if you're with a partner he/she might get too enthusiastic and push too hard or too deep.

Keep at it and eventually you'll really look forward to taking a toy - or the ultimate, a cock! Keep practicing, it's worth it!