Help with sex "rules"

Hi, my girlfriend asked me tonight to come up with 3 rules for when we see each other tomorrow night for during sex and foreplay etc... Things like if she needs to talk or say something during a sex act she needs to raise both her hands and wait to be acknowledged before being allowed to speak... I need help thinking of some things that will really blow her mind, she will also be wanting to be tied up at some point and is fairly open to almost anything despite the fact we are learning a lot of this as we go... Hope this makes sense

I suggest one of your rules is a way of her communicating to you when she wants something to stop

Well... from what I gather you are looking at things in the BDSM light? (I'm sorry if I am wrong on that thought) But, should that be the case here are a few tips that I have seen and used that work really well.

Most common rules for foreplay are basics but with special twists. For example the speaking. If she needs to speak while during foreplay (say should she have to use the bathroom) she must acknowlage you as either Sir or a pet name that only you two know. Another rule is (and again all based off of the BDSM life style) "no" isn't an option. If you don't want to do something you have to use certian words or "Safe Words". This can both start and stop what ever is going on

So with all that in mind, try theese ideas:

If she wants you to change using certian toys on her she must only describe the color of the toy

If she is uncomfortable or something feels wrong, use the safe word. (that is something you two decide on your own)

If she needs the bathroom she must ask permission and refer to you as Sir.

If she is looking to be tied up a certian way she must beg sweetly and say pretty please.

If she wants to switch roles (and this is another thing you two have to decide on before hand) and you become the one to take orders, she must find a way to untie herself with out help what so ever.

Well, hope these ideas help! Best of luck and have a lot of fun!

Thanks LadyScarlett, we're both pretty new to this side of things and it turns her on massively, it's not full on bdsm but more of a she wants to be dominated thing which is new for me too, we've just started venturing into tying up and she loves being spanked and being called naughty and it's kinda moved on from there.

The rules she wants sounds like they would be similar to what you suggested so thank you very much for those idea's, I know it sounds crazy but she has said she'll do anything that I ask her to do and my mind goes completely blank.!!

I think she just wants to be told what to do but I worry about the things I say not being enough

You could always start by telling her beforehand to position herself on all fours or braced against the bed fully naked. This is a VERY hot way to begin asserting your dominance.

Then, just tell her, explicitly, calmly and clearly what you want her to do. Anything you do together normally, when it becomes an instruction has a totally different feel and becomes naughty.

Me and my buddy do this sometimes and even though its run of the mill stuff, it instantly becomes a hot session because he's telling me what to do so I don't have to think, I can just enjoy the moment.

On the tying up side, there's a thread on here about edging, again this is something we tried recently with great success, I suggest you find that thread and have a good read, although it's mostly ideas to do to men am sure you can pick up some things for your woman.

Enjoy ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Great thanks, I have now got some great ideas to go with tonight and the read about edging looks like it will be definitely worth it, some great ideas on there...

I've been "in charge" all day over text messages so hopefully that will make it seem so much easier tonight, as I know she is already mega turned on with what's been said so far... Just hope the anticipation proves to be justified ;-)

How'd it go Zikou?