My first post, so be kind...

I've never been able to orgasm, no matter what my guy or I try. I can get close at times, but can't get over the edge...any advice?

Hi pfenyx and welcome to the forums. I've just had a look and found this thread that may be useful to you :) xx

Thanks for linking me there, but as the original poster there, I'm the same, I've tried almost everything, and I just can't get there :(

Hi and welcome to the forum, have you tried lube? Different positions? Vibrators? What exactly have you tried so far? I could help more if you told me more :)

No, we haven't tried lube yet...never had the need to so far! As for positions, only missionary, cowgirl and doggy style. I've used rabbits before, but nothing off them....


I have given my advice on this already many times, so I will be short here. Please do go into search on the forum, thish topic appears very frequently here and some people may avoid posting the same advice for 10th or more time.

I was like that originally too, but I did learn to orgasm, eventually. The key is not to think about the orgasm itself, but enjoy the pleasure. Also you need to experiment and try to find out what actually helps you orgasm. I cannot orgasm from my fingers, originally I could not from my partners fingers either. What only worked were toys.

I started to use different toys, some work better for me, some worse. I also tried orgasm boosters and they did help me.

Over time, once I learnt to orgasm, I did start to find it easier and now I rarely have any issues at all.

My advice would be experiment, try new things, do not focus on the orgasm. Just enjoy. And try different toys. Rabbits work great for some women, but other women find they completely useless.

Good luck

i really reccomend the shitasu geishas clitoral stimulation spray, omg it works wonders!! its £14.99 but honestly worth every penny. x

It took me years to orgasam. I assumed I was "broken" . I have up trying and relaxed and then boom it happened.
So maybe just enjoy what your doing and stop searching for that big O.
Ever since I've learned to relax and also found the right partner I have never had a problem having one
Good luck x