Helpful tips please

Hey everyone.

First post here.

Im looking to buy my wife a vibe. Not much experience in that side.

She loves humping and grinding against each other without insertion so im thinking something that would be similar to that.

Any help would be appreciated



How about a wand

A wand or maybe a pebble type thing - the Mantric is today’s deal of the day (UK)

Hi @Curioushubby01 :wave:
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I would also recommend a wand in these circumstances. A good rechargeable one. The Mantric is my favourite but obviously there are lots to choose from. Not currently on sale but it often is if you keep an eye out.

Hi, I’d also recommend a wand. My favourite is the original magic wand, powerful, two speed, and I certainly can’t insert :blush: but gets me going until I finish with just this or PIV

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The Mantric Wand is fab xx

If you like hard pressure when using, the end of this is very forgiving xxx

R xx

Every one is recommending a wand so would agree with that. If she likes the feeling of something inside her try going for a vibrator that may be looks/size wise same as a penis.
A good cheap option may be a bullet but may not be strong enough (power wise)

Can’t disagree with a decent wand, would be a great choice plus can get attachments, so plenty of fun to be had with that.
Based on what you mentioned with humping and grinding without insertion, thought I’d stick another suggestion (granted, not cheap) into the mix:

I don’t have one myself, but has one review on it. It’s something I’d be tempted to get my OH some time in the future I think.


Happy first posting! And I’d suggest maybe a wand too as they tend to get great reviews :nerd_face:

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Hey Peitho, Thanks for helpful tip

Thanks a mill.
Once it doesn’t put me out of a job


Thank you

Hey there and welcome I am sure that you have or will get some great advice from the forum members :+1:

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This is exactly the thing I was thinking. Nice Choice :heart_eyes:

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