Hepatitis B vaccine

Is it a good idea to have this vaccine done?

My travel nurse recommended it to me as I am going to North Africa this year.

However, the medical practice asks £140 for a full course. Very pricey!!!

A friend of mine, who is gay, had it done at one of the GUM clinics for free - I think he had to register with them but one can give them a fake name.

I dont know much about hepatitis or the vaccine but I do know what liver damage/failure can do to the human body.

£140 is a small price to pay to avoid the effects of liver failure


I've had this vaccine as I worked in the NHS and it's given to anyone who is high risk or who is likely to come into contact with anyone who is. It also takes 4-6 months to complete the course to give you full protection. Are you going on holiday or will you be working out there?

I had this vaccine as I work with vunerable young people and families..

If you register with a GUM clinic it is all 100% confidential they will not contact your GP if you don't allow them to.

Well, I spend over a month in Egypt every year, visiting as a tourist (no work involved). I have no sex with the locals (obviously) but the nurse told me that if I ever need to receive medical or dental care over there, I 'd better have the hep B vaccine done. Problem is I cannot afford it and, after all, don't bisexuals get it for free at the GUM clinic?

it's well worth it, even just for sound of mind

Mrs O please take time to read this http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Hepatitis-B/Pages/Introduction.aspx

My husband was diagnosed with a mass in his liver in Feb 07 - he died in Dec 07 having spent 8 months in hospital. His liver failed, his kidney failed and trust me I would never want to see anyone go through the same.

before anyone shoots me down for trying to scare you, hands up yes that is what I am trying to do. I understand that £140 is a lot to pay, so check if you can get it free from the GUM clinic but please dont spend that amount of time in Eygpt without the cover.


Hello, just to check, are you vaccinated against hep type A? Just saying, because some of my collegues were in Africa and those, who were not vaccinated, got a "nice souvenier". And managed to put at risk other people at work.

I would personally advice to get vaccinated. To be honest, if someone can afford to travel into such locations, then they should also try to protect themselves and plus people round them. If you do not have sex with people there, you dont have high chance of catching it, but I would try to minimalise the chances as down as possible. because it can be nasty.

I agree with the others - it's not a risk I'd be prepared to take.

Personally I would rather not go to a country like that if I couldn't afford to get the proper vaccinations and medications needed to avoid infection or illness.


if you can't afford the vaccinations, you defo won't be able to afford the medical fees in another country :(

Blueeyes82 wrote:

if you can't afford the vaccinations, you defo won't be able to afford the medical fees in another country :(

Well... I would not be either for some cases, although I would pay the vaccination. But thats what the insurance is. The company I go for in my country can be contacted if you do not have the money to pay it yourself and you do not have to wait after your return to claim it. But I am sure that they can refuse you if they feel you underestimated preparations, which missing vaccination would be the case.

Yeah, I had all the vaccines done for the trip, including the second dose of hepatites A vaccin. I am so concerned as the nurse said to me that 2-7% of the population in Egypt carry the virus (hepatitis A). I will contact my local GUM clinic on Monday and see if they provide it for free. I think they do when someone is homo or bi or has several sexual partners. Ghostgirl, I am so sorry for your loss.

Apparently you can get the A type in Africa from food or drink too, my doctor told me when I came to check my vaccination, after they returned from Africa with it. I was told it is less agrressive than the Europes types. But would be annoying nevertheless.

As for the hepatitis B, from certain date everyone is getting vaccinated at certain age. I was not, so my parents paid it few years ago and partly it was paid by my health insurance company, as they support when people decide to have it done, partly because of my profession and I think it is worth the money, if there is some risk of catching it.

I think its extremely discriminatory if they give it for free to bi and gay people but not straight people given orientation is nothing to do with risk. What are they saying, Bisexual people have more sex just because they are attracted to more than one gender? I'm not impressed with that!

If you're being recommended to get it done for your job, your employed should pay. If you're self employed you can put it down as a company expense. Also, just so you know the vaccine doesn't always work. As a health care worker I get tested for immunity every two years, I've had 4 courses of the vaccine and I'm still not immune, but by law I have to keep having it *sigh*. If recommended then defo do everything you can to get it done.