here's a question...

...for the girls - lets say you dont have a condom, but you go for it anyway. where do you like a guy to come?

because i,m in a long relationship i don,t use condom,i have got my partner to come all over my puss as i like the feeling of rubbing it on my clit & on my back when my partner is taking me from behind.

wow i want to sleep with traceyd68!
if we not using a condom then i come over her big tits

I wouldn't go for it. Play the foreplay game, cum in my mouth, then call me when you have a condom.

For purpose of the question though, if my bloke didn't cum inside me, I'd go for the boobs too.
Although last time we did that I nearly drowned in cum. It'd been a few days lol.

Depends on the situation. If it's a quickie then in my mouth because then it's gone and forgotten. But if it's somewhere you can clean up properly, then either over my pussy or my ass. I don't mind it on my boobs, but it doesn't really do anything for me.