Hey everyone!

Hey guys and gals,

seems like a great community here so thought Id give it a go, big fan of getting sex to be less of a taboo subject! Im from the UK and am just off to uni, have come back form a gap year in America where I was a porn actor for a couple of great agencies... good experience if not a bit daunting haha! So Hi everyone hope alls good!

hi and welcome to the forums


hey thanks, nice to be a part of it! X

Hiya x

Hello and welcome to the forum x

Hi, welcome to the forums see you around.

wow sounds like an interesting experience, have a great time on the forums.

Take care

hi and welcome to the forum!

Hello & welcome to the Orgasm Army, John!

We r a really friendly bunch (except 4 me!)

Here is the official welcome thread (and OA rules):



Hello and welcome to the forums.

Your gap year does sound very interesting indeed.

What are you studying?

Just wondering, is that picture you?

MM xx