Hey everyone

Hey everyone I’m new to all this me and my wife want to broaden our sexual experience with each other have been trying new toys and lingerie my wife is very body conscious but I think she is a beautiful curvy woman just wondering who agrees with me.


Hey @benmaxted welcome to the forum. Any questions just shout :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Hi @benmaxted and welcome to the forum

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Hey thanks for the reply how are you both. edited by mod

Hey how are you edited by mod

Would love and tips anyone can give me I’m on a mission to give my wife as many multiple orgasms as I can

Hi and welcome.

Just a heads up, your profile pic is against the photo rules so you need to change it.

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Hi @benmaxted :wave:
Welcome to the forum!

Um… friendly tip, you might want to change your profile picture or it will be removed as although a fine set of boobs you are very much breaking the no nipples rule in place on the forum!

This is a link to the Photo rules :+1:

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Hello, welcome to the LH forum!! I’m Sophie.

Also just a heads up that your profile pic will probs get removed as you are not allowed to show nipples. xx

Thank u for letting me know I have changed it

Morning and welcome :orange_heart:

Morning how are you

Hi there and welcome @benmaxted enjoy the forum

Hi :wave: @benmaxted welcome to the forum :blush:

@benmaxted hello and welcome!

Yes edited by mod and she is also body conscious. Toys are great, although the lingerie my wife prefers bigger knickers rather than cheese wires :rofl::joy: so it’s hard trying to get the right sexy lingerie

Hello and welcome @benmaxted :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi and welcome to the forum @benmaxted :blush:

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Hello and welcome :smiley: @benmaxted

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Hi @benmaxted

Welcome to lovehoney.

I love to see curves on a woman too :wink:

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