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Hi @benmaxted :wave: Welcome!

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Hi, welcome to the forum @benmaxted :wave:

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Hi and welcome @benmaxted :smiley:

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Welcome :blush:

Hello and welcome @benmaxted

Hello and welcome to the forum @benmaxted

Welcome! Curves in all the right places can be very beautiful

Welcome @benmaxted :grin:

Hello :wave:

Hello and welcome. I am curvy and also prefer a good big ole. Pair of pants. However, I will now dress up in all sorts for. My man. I think what changed it for me was his reaction to me in them.

I was very “urgh I look awful” but as soon as I walked in room his eyes would pop out his sockets with a “omg you look so hot!” instantly reaching to play with himself.

That for me changed my perspective, as although I felt insecure, he thought I looked amazing and his reaction was addictive, so now I wear all sorts.


Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome @benmaxted :wave:t2::blush: