Hey I’m new too this!

Hi I’m a 28 year female in a long time relationship!
I’m looking of ways to spice things up... maybe a little
I’ve tried light bondage.. tying up. Different positions etc
I just want to try some new things that my male partner would also like!
He’s pretty open minded as am I
Thank you :)

Hello + welcome to the forum.

Hey Abbie and welcome on board, I think to get people to help a little more can you let us know what you both enjoy? If light bondage is something you both really want to do then maybe look at a blindfold and a few little toys to tease with?
Feather ticklers are really fun when you have a blindfold on:

You can also try maybe getting some silk rope for tying your partner down to the bed:

It’s super soft and easy to use, you can do so much with it and it opens up a lot of new ideas and experiences. Other things you can try is a little dress up? Maybe he dresses as a man in uniform or you can dress in a bodysuit or a fantasy costume of his, such as a nurse or secretary?

Lots of ideas can come from the people on the forums and if your looking into a particular subject just let us know. Hope you find all the things your looking for! And welcome! X

Thank you soooo much...
I’m more submissive to be honest I think if that helps...
I hate being tickled! Haha! It’s the nigglest feeling ever!
I have said about dress up but being that I have a child I’m at home a lot! I wouldn’t feel sexy dressed up in my own home if that kind of makes sense!And the hard thing is trying to be sexy around being a mum.. I think this is a subject for a lot of people!
I would say I’m attractive but I guess I don’t have the greatest amount of confidence to sometimes suggest new things that’s why I’d like to break it into the relationship!
I hope that makes people understand my situation slightly better

Hey Abbie, I know the feeling all too well. When your trying to have a little submissive play but your listening out for every little noise in case the kids decide to knock on the door etc. It’s hard to switch sometimes especially if you have had a particularly hard day, but that should never stop you from enjoying yourself.
Dressing up can be difficult, but subtle things such as wearing a fishnet body suit under your clothes without telling your partner can be a super sexy surprise, also it feels sexy just knowing you have a little secret hidden away.

We have found just using lubricants and oils can add a super sexy side to our sex life, so have you considered flavoured lube? I would say if you feel a little struggle with gaining confidence for talking about new things in the bedroom you should talk to your partner about what he enjoys, maybe get some sexy dice and play a game? It can really open things up. But communication is key, so first step would be to ask your partner what he enjoys and what he likes, once the conversation starts flowing then you should feel a little more open yourself and soon enough you will have loads of ideas!

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

Thanks so much for the replies you guys are fab!
I know I don’t won’t having children to be a passion killer as we are both still young!
But luckily mine are good sleepers also! Haaa..

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Oh yes flavour lube we do do but I struggle to find one that’s really not artificial flavouring I know that may seem a little daft!
Also I like the warming type over tingle but struggle to find one that doesn’t ware of within a few minutes!
I’ve just ordered a delay lube for my partner!

Hi hope you have fun

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Hi Welcome Why not introduce him to anal play and pegging perhaps as part of your light bondage? He will love you for trying!