Heya everyone!

My name's Isabella, I'm a cam girl on myfreecams! Thought I'd come say hello!

Obviously doing what I do requires lots of toys and means I get lots of playtime so I made a wishlist really for my regulars to check out/if they want to buy me something!

Feel free to come check me out and chat/play in my room if you like! I'm on most Uk evenings. Not really here to advertise though, just in massive need of new toys and meeting new people is fun! :)


Hi Isabella welcome to LH. Have fun!

LMF xx

Hi Isabella welcome to the forums


Thanks girls!


Hi and welcome lsabella

Hi there :-)

Hello & welcome to the Orgasm Army!

We r a really friendly bunch (except 4 me!)

Here is the official welcome thread (and OA rules):



ps am I correct in assuming a camgirl is a female Tory voter?!!

Hi and welcome to the forum!