Heya, Im kind of new!


I'm kind of new as I said. I was under a different account name with a few posts from a long time ago. The account was deleted because a few people found out who I was and I didnt feel entirely comfortable with it. So here I am with a new username and LH Community account!

Heres for a fresh start and I hope to get to know you guys more!

Hello there!

I thought I recognised that picture, and if I do then that makes your attempts at being anonymous rubbish!

See you around!

hello and welcome (back)!

Thank you

I know about the picture, but my old posts were deleted so cannot be read so thats enough by me!

Ah. I still won't tell anyone...

Enjoy the fresh start!

Hi and welcome

Hello and welcome (back) - I noticed the name change a short while ago but I guess the whole account has gone now so noone will be able to link it back :)

Have fun


hi and welcome back x

hello and welcome x

Was just about to grab a 'kick me' note from the pile I keep for n00blets. But just realized you are in-fact not a n00blet, And indeed make myself more n00bish than thee!

If any of tha makes any sense I'ld be surprized, Anyway......

Umm, Welcome back from a newer member than you who you probably don't know, But welcome back anyway!

Yes, I am the OA's court jester lol! Though I think I probably get laughed at and not with

Ahhh * sighs and rubs eyes all Peter Griffin'esque like *

Welcome back, Enjoy your stay ;) xx

hi and welcome back

I will watch my back and keep an eye out for any of your antics then Seduced!

hi Inara hope you have plenty of fun and meet some new friends and enjoy the threads