Hi all!

Hi, I am Chesty, (chesty by name and chesty by nature!) a 26 yr old busy and very bubbly female! Size 12-14 and loving me curves- not one complaint yet heheh! Happy go lucky and here to read and contribute to the forums and buy lots of new toys. Happily engaged to my gorgeous fiance (who doesnt know I am on here lol!) xxx night all xx

Hello! Welcome to the forums :) I hope you have a nice time!!

Curves are sexy! dont let anyone tell you diffrent :)

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Thank you! yes, they are...give me Lucy Collett and Kelly Brook anyday- they are HOT and all woman jst like me! Thanks for your message xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey :) welcome! xx

oops I thought you had a bad cough

hi welcome and have fun

Welcome, enjoy the forum!!

Thanks everyone,,,, looking forward to all things weird and wonderful lol have a good night xxx