Hi everyone

Hi hope you are all ok? Is it just me or has this whole lockdown situation made exploring in the bedroom more fun! Everyone else became hooked on Netflix me it was confidence in the bedroom.

What did you find you loved you didn’t realise you loved before? Me it was impact play!!


Hello and welcome @jennloup :slightly_smiling_face:

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Afternoon and welcome :purple_heart:

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@jennloup hi there and welcome enjoy the forum :kissing_heart:

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Hi and welcome to the forum

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Hi @jennloup and welcome :blush: Haven’t got into anything new sexually but a pinpoint vibrator (zumio) is a new style of toy I’m enjoying and still exploring the possibilities of.


Hello @jennloup yes, yes and yes, haha.

I would say that I just found new toys which I never new I loved before!

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What has been your fav? I think for me has to be the finger cat claw I bought… it’s so fun!

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Deffo my magic wand!!

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Hi @jennloup and welcome :smile:

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Which one did you go for?

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Hi @jennloup :wave:
Welcome to the forum!

Both myself and my OH work full time in non working from home roles so lockdown hasn’t really been a thing. Time still to play though :handcuffs: :paddle::blush:

The classic mains powered LH one. The black one x


Welcome :blush:

Hi and welcome @jennloup :blush:

Hi @jennloup

Welcome to lovehoney.

We’ve enjoyed exploring much more sexually, pushing each others boundaries and fulfilling some of our fantasies.
It has been so much fun :smiling_imp:

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Honestly the best thing I ever bought was the Domi by lovense!!! It’s amazing


Welcome to the Lovehoney community!

Enjoy and we look forward to your contributions to the topics! :blush:

Hello and welcome @jennloup :blush::wave:t2: