Hi I’m new and lookin for advice

Fairly new to this site and and purchased some items but I need a woman’s advice on sex toys and lingerie to buy my OH

Hello and welcome.

You will need to give a little more details ie what you have already tried, likes/dislikes etc.

Do that and I am sure suggestions will come flooding in x

Hi + welcome.

+1 to the above, a size guide would also be helpful.

What colours does she normally wear? Is she confident in herself? Also an idea on size and cup

Oh and welcome to the forum xx

Hi, welcome to the forum

Hello, welcome to the forum.

Hi and welcome ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Hey there!

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

I agree with Alicia, have a look through the site together. I was looking at lingerie and I asked hubby what he would like to see me in, he pointed out a couple of items which led to him then having a look at the underwear for men. He initially was a bit surprised that I went on LH but believe me that has all changed😉.

Hi and welcome :)

Hi and welcome,

I agree with advice given above, look through the site together and get an idea of the things that she would like :-)