Hi! I'm New! Looking forward to learning and sharing tips

Thank you. Do you know how hard it is choosing a username?!

I was the same then I just put some random letters and a number

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Now why didn’t I think of that?

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:wave::slightly_smiling_face: Welcome to the forum @Captain_Cow and @LearningLate

Hi and welcome @Captain_Cow and @LearningLate :wave:t2::blush:

Hello and welcome :smiley: @Captain_Cow

@Captain_Cow Hello and welcome to the forum.

Hi and Welcome to the forum

Hi and welcome @Captain_Cow

Hi welcome @Captain_Cow and @LearningLate enjoy the fourm

Hey Captain

Hiya @Captain_Cow :wave::wave:

Welcome to the forum

Hoya @LearningLate :wave::wave:

Welcome to the forum

Hi @Captain_Cow welcome to the forum


Certainly plenty of advice on here

Hi :wave: and welcome :hugs: