Hi! I'm New!

What we talking about today

What up

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What up

Hi @DAGZ welcome to the tribe!

Im struggling to catch on the site but is only day 2

Man i hope i learn this soon

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Im not good at this computer jazz i much rather rap about sex toys soaked with some broads DNA. Lol right

Is everyone here from England

Hi and welcome @DAGZ and no some of us are from north of the border :joy:

Welcome! Don’t feel too bad if you can’t reply to everyone straight away. The forum format tends to be a slower pace than a group chat in an instant messaging app like WhatsApp. Just read a few discussions and join in when you can. Have fun!

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Hello, Im Sophie, a 19 year old student who probs owns about half of love honeys whole stock, haha.

Hey @DAGZ, welcome to the forum


I need more practice so i get comfortable and relax but thanls brother im going keep it up