Hi! I'm New!

Hi not sure im doing this right at all i have plenty of products off lh and would like to ask some questions to see if you had the same problem thanks

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Hi @hollymoran9 have fun on here . Everyone is lovely xx

Not meaning to be dismissive but could i speak to someone about about the womanizer pro please

Hi @hollymoran9 and welcome to the forum.

We’re not a bad bunch.


@hollymoran9 - I don’t know about the womanizer pro, but I can talk at length about De Walt products. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes i could talk in length too about dewalt tools as my fella is good with his wood :grin:

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Hiya @hollymoran9 :wave: Welcome to the forum.

If you are having problems with a product you could e-mail customer services.

Or search the threads in the forum by typing in the product after pressing on the magnifying glass next to the Lovehoney logo at the top of this page to see if you can get any help there.

Just bumped an old thread, not sure if that’ll help or not.

Thanks just wanted to speak to a real rep or woman about something not sure im in the right chat haha no idea what km doing on here yet all i do is buy stuff usually haha

Hi holly, welcome to the forum.

If you’re really looking to speak to someone from LH I suggest you email them. However, there’s plenty of helpful information if you search the forum for past threads and we’re really a friendly bunch who are happy to chat and help out with anything.

Hi @hollymoran9 this is a forum for customers like you to chat to each other (it’s a form of social media :blush:) - with the exception of the forum moderators none of us work for Lovehoney.

I think you are wanting to speak to someone at Lovehoney and probably want “Live chat” on the website instead. You can also email customer services, or phone them. If you head back to the website and scroll to the bottom you should be able to find everything under the “contact us” link.


Hello and welcome :smiley: @hollymoran9

HI @hollymoran9 and welcome to the forum, lots of very helpful and interesting people who are very happy to share advice, answer questions and very supportive. Enjoy. X

Hello and welcome to the forum @hollymoran9 hope we can all help out! Don’t be scared of writing anything! We’re all friendly :grinning:

Howdy and welcome!!

Hi @hollymoran9

Welcome to lovehoney

Hi @hollymoran9 welcome to the tribe! :wink:

Hi @hollymoran9
welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome to the forum @hollymoran9!

Hopefully Lovehoney Customer Care will be able to help you with your query… Otherwise, you may want to search for relevant/helpful past threads on the forum, or create a new topic designated to your specific question. Hope this helps! :blush: