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Hello everyone I’m new to the site I’m 43 and recently divorced and my wife loved to have me wear panties and lingerie for her and now I still love wearing them and we love bondage so I still love that I am straight but I do love sex toys and bondage and all kinds of lingerie and panties any recommendations


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Hi and welcome, just be yourself and carry on enjoying what you love, no judgements in here :smile:

Thank you do you have any recommendations on anything

Have a look on love honey there is a great range of lingerie suitable for men too not just women, there are quite a few members on here who love to wear sexy lingerie, so sure they will be along to help a bit better than me as my OH isn’t into that.

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Welcome to the forum.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

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Dirty wife thax for the welcoming have you got any recomendations

I love the bdsm as well and thank you for the welcoming

Without knowing anything, all I can recommend is that you look on Lovehoney website, and hopefully you’ll find something on there :slightly_smiling_face: