Hi newbie here

Hi guys just signed up my name is Darren from down on the south coast . I'm married to the beautiful Vicki who is 20 years my junior we have a very active sex life and enjoy most things and like to experiment with most things . We have toys which we like to use just to spice it up a bit .
Hope to enjoy my stay on here 😉😉😉

It says I joined in July lol don't remember that 😀😀😀

Hi guys and welcome to the forum![](upload://nXzNBAACFMemirV1148YTO7ENey.gif)

hi ho you have fun

Thanx natandtom and tider I'm sure we will

How do u msg someone that u have become friends with on here ???

There's no private message function on Lovehoney so the only way to message is through the forum!

Hi and welcome to the forums. You can't message people you become friends with on here.

Ok cheers for letting me know 😉😉

Welcome guys, I just joined the forums yesterday, everyone's been amazing so far! :)

Hello hope you have fun on here, it's very nonjudgemental and supportive on the forum.

Hi Aaron seems like a gd place to be a people are friendly too

Thanx penny glad to here that x

Hi and welcome! :) glad to hear you two are having fun :)

Hi guys and welcome :)

Thanx popk1n having amazing fun just glad I can keep my wife well satisfied lol

Hi ozz thank u I see ur a lover of anal just like myself

Welcome! :)


Hi and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

Morning and Welcome.