hi, northwest, married and bi.

Howdy not done a post yet been on lovehoney for many years, im now married and a SAHM. I love my life and enjoy my sex life. Took me a long time to come to terms when I was 18 that im bisexual but I got there in the end. Im 25 now and my husband and I are both bi, me more so than him but he does have his man crushes lol.

Hello and welcome! :-)

Hello :)

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'Allo, 'Allo & welcome. Have fun.

Hello, welcome and enjoy.

Can I ask what SAHM is?

Im very much enjoying browsing and reading throught the threads heres to opening up my sexual nature x

Stay at home mummy hun -SAHM

Welcome :)

Hi there and welcome to the forums :) xx

Welcome to the forums. Its great to know that you have married someone with the same mind frame. Its obvious that you are a great couple and very happy together . i did have a Bi girlfirend at one time but I couldn't hack it .I always ended up being jealous or feeling left out.

Happy times ahead checky girl.
Welcome and explore.

Msteron he has dappled when he was younger he is 10 years older than me, so I guess Im still in that phase he went throught when he was my ages. I very much love him am attracted to him he is perfect for me in everyway. But I cant shake the feelings and urges for female attention. Has caused break ups in my past. Im a very open woman but I always got with someone who couldnt face sharing me. But I found my soul mate who understands he may not agree with me at times but is alot more caring and loving to me than my ex's incuding my sons father.

Hi and welcome :)

Hello! welcome to the forums :)

Hi there, welcome to the forums xx

Hi and Welcome!

Hello and welcome!

Welcome! Thanks for clearing that up, I felt totally old there thinking wtf is SAHM! Lol x

I thought it was something kinky that I didn't know about too!