Hidey Ho!

It seems the 'in' thing to introduce oneself these days, so I shall jump on the bandwagon.

I would have said more about myself but I've already done that in the initiation thread, but I guess I'll copy it in here too for the lazy ones out there. I, like many, haven't been here long but the community is rather splendid and I hope to chat to more of you soon =D

Age - 20

Gender - Male

Relationship Status - Single

Sexual Preference - Bi-curious

Favourite Position - Cowgirl, Missionary

Most kinky thing you do fairly regularly? - Not a lot at the moment

How many partners? - Too many boring ones

Bra Size/ Cock Size - Small end of average, 5" or so

Pubic Hair Style? - Typically trimmed, sometimes smooth with some left over to look good

Swallow?- Nope

Willing to show rude photos on the blog?- Yes

Hay there, finally come round to the intro onceself ah :) Great stuff. Anyways i am sure you been havin fun, so all i say there is carry on hangin about and hopefully enjoying your time.

Hello and welcome

Howdy! Welcome to the OA :)

Hope to see you around the boards x x

Hello and welcome

Hiya and welcome to OA! x

Hiya Student20, I don't think I've spoken to you on any other threads yet, so here's my official welcome! And it is very nice to meet you :)

hello and welcome!

Ello and welcome from me too x

welcome to OA. x