hiding them from the kids

not had this problem yet, but where do people put their toys (when not in use)? My kids are not the sort to go rooting around in cupboards and drawers in our bedroom but it is always a concern that they might find some of our 'accessories'. Any advice on where to store them whilst ensuring they are close at hand when the time comes?

The underwear drawer is probably the best place -- what kid is going to root around in their parent's underwear? Another good place is a locked box in the closet. They'll probably think it's just papers or something.

When I lived with my parents, I would usually go for the underwear drawer option, but sometimes I got lazy and just threw them under the bed. Not a good idea! Let's just say my little brother found one once...oh the humiliation.

I don't have kids but have a nosy sister in law.
I've got mine in a lockable cupboard in my dressing table.
If anyone ever breaks in and thinks it's a locked valubales cupboard, they're in for a big surprise!!

I don't have kids but I have a 'toy box' which is in fact a small suitcase, this can have a padlock put on the zipper if need be, say that I am a shameless hussy and leave my whips lying all over the house and toys on the bedroom floor! If I had kids I'd have a locked box or suitcase :)

Also kids will search your room especially before xmas! "Mom got me a supervibe 2000, I don't know what it does but it sounds pretty sweet!"

I actually went overseas to live for a year and left my toys in a box that was taped up to the max. Unfortunately curiosity must have gotten the better of a family member, because when I returned the tape had been cut and taped over.

I had to throw the toys out after someone suggested my mother had been using them...


Ikea do a bed (Leksvik) which has a secret compartment disguised as part of the head board. The secret compartment is covered so it also forms a small shelf to put any lubes or toys on while others are in use.

Only problem is it only has the kind of bar you can use handcuffs or other restraints on is at the foot end of the bed.

I did keep them in a desk draw and then one of my house mates found them to my eternal humiliation!
Now i stick to the underwear draw, traditional but safe!

yup i think underwear drawer is quite good or a locked box but if your a mum with a daughter, DONT put it in the underwear drawer. i had a nasty suprise once when i was younger looking in that drawer for some socks. Kids can find anything, me along with alot of my frineds have all found something of the parents they didnt want to find.

When I go away my toys are kept in a drawstring bag, like the ones used for carryin plimpsoles in... (showing ones age!).. now I am flying solo, they are handy under the spare pillow ready for the fancies!

My girlfriend has two young boys who are able to get into anything and were becoming a bit of a problem given her love of toys and equipment of all sorts. I searched the web and came up with The Wave Trunk from Shimu at www.shimu.co.uk it's their reference code TK06. I told them what our problem was and they even sourced a larger locking pin that has a hole at it's end that they supplied a padlock to fit.
Result, nobody can get into it and we can go away knowing that her personal things cannot be got at by anyone at all. Heaven

Its a well known fact that sex toys are impossible to hide, you can nail them under the floor boards, make a cup of tea come back into the room and your friends will be chuckling throwing around said toy.

Pink Sock - you poor love! Altho' I can safely say I would also chuck mine away if said suggestion re: maternal usage was voiced.... ewwwww

'Fraid I'm also a traditionalist - in the underwear drawer, definately safest place, although my father does have a nasty habit when he and mum visit of doing laundry for me "to help me out" then trying to take stuff upstairs to put away. Oh, the number of times I've had to think of a really good reason why I'll do it later...

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Colonel Lube
ive had that problem lets just say mine now stay in a locked drawer my son wasnt the problem as hes only 3 but my 7 year old nephew is one of these that doesnt care were he is hell go through eveything, he went in our bedroom and through my underware drawer which was were i used to keep them, imagine my horror having my father in law and sister n bro in law round for sunday roast when ma nephew comes running outta my room waving one of my toys around i went a very nice shade of red i must say!!

I think we need a safe to keep all of our beloved toys in as little kids just love to play with viberators as i found out when my little cousin came round, i was tidying the bedroom when all of a sudden he came running in with it in his mouth laughing his head off, good thing was it was brand new never been used i think if it had i would of been sick !!

Maybe you should get a box and stick a big bold label on it saying 'HOMEWORK', I know that my boys would never go near it then ...lol

lol! This thread made me laugh!!! I put all mine in a drawer in my bedroom chest of drawers.. I have 4 kids (8,6,3,1) so not too much of a problem yet as they don't go in my bedroom, our attic was made into our bedroom and is on the third floor and all my kids know they are not allowed up there so i am safe... for now!!!! lol!!

i to have tried bottom drawer but now got too many tried top of cupboard but too far in heat of moment any ideas that i can can have them near but not visible i have (9,5 3) kids who like to climb into bed on a sunday morning any ideas