High Heels

Just looking for some female insight into sex and high heels. As a guy I love seeing women in high heels. It is such a turn on, especially stilettos, and having my wife wear in bed is great. Is that a turn on for girls too or is it just a pleasing thing?

I love wearing my heels in bed as having heels on makes me feel more sexy so they are usually the very last thing to come off.

Love wearing hight heels in and out of the bedroom ;)

They definitely make u feel more sexy... n I think they make your legs look longer n more inviting ;) sorry might not be most accurate female prospective as im some what of a high heel addict x

I walk a lot each day and therefore I am more likely to wear shoes and boots that are not exactly high-heeled, I am not exactly tiny and featherweight sort of creature and I don't want to put too much strain on my joints and feet. On special occasions, however, I definitely wear high heels as they make me feel more feminine, and look better with dresses or skirts I wear on such days. If I had a partner (one who would be into such things), I would be perfectly happy to wear heels in bedroom because, as I have already mentioned, I generally feel more womanly when I have them on - and that is the feeling I might, on occasions, like to emphasize and enjoy in bedroom.

i'd love to wear high heels, especially stilettos but I feel self concious in them as I'm already quite tall. I have pairs that I'd love to wear in and out of the bedroom, makes me gratefu my boyfriend is over 6 foot ^_^

Love high heels being on the small side I always love how heels give me a confidence boost and make my legs appear longer. Can't pull of a teasing strut in flats quite the same way, and I loved/love doing that to my OH when we're out and want to tease him so he knows I'm horny.

I love heels but heels don't love me these days if i can get my feet in them i can just about stand in them so i don't bother

Thanks so much. Happy to know it is a turn on and makes you feel sexier or more in the mood. Will have to get shopping more then! Getting turned on with the thought of it....;)

I'd love to wear heels more often but we never go out anywhere to warrant it - and with my partner being just 5ft 4 (I'm 5, 5) it would look rather out of place on the day to day even if I didn't feel overdressed for food shopping lmao

I have a pair of heels just for wearing at home and in the bedroom lol :)
Mostly because I can't walk in them very well!

I have heels just for the bedroom which are about 5 inches. the higest shoes i wear out of the house are about 3 inches :-)

Personally I love wearing high heels! I have loads, most around 5" (I'm only 5'4 ish and the OH is 6ft so still not as tall as him) heels in the bedroom are sexy definately get our vote

I love high heels, I wear them in and outside of the bedroom. I find they give massive sex appeal in not only how you walk but make me feel very confident. They also shape my legs and bum really well.

I love my wife wearing them in the bedroom, she has a MASSIVE shoes collection and a select few she loves wearing in the bedroom... Oh and leaving them on is a must :)

If you find some that match a lingerie outfit, it just makes the whole thing - sometimes i feel like wearing stockings on their own looks like it's not finished. Another thing they can be really great for is if the girl is shorter, it can help your hips to line up for sex standing up, as well as naturally tilting your pelvis for a deeper and more comfortable penetration (from behind) without having to stay holding your hips in that position. My boyfriend is shorter than i am (in heels) so i don't wear them much now, and i never do in bed, sheets are expensive!

I don't normally wear heels as i am really clumsy and can't walk in them. But my mum gets married in 5 weeks and i just got a beautiful red satin pair with bows on the heel. They are about 4" so not too high for me and the soles are glittery!
Once the wedding has been i plan on getting some sexy red undies and wearing them to bed for my oh!

Never saw the appeal, tbh. Certainly don't understand why women spend so much money on them either.

I would really love to have some really high heels to wear just in the bedroom as I am rather short and I think it would enable some other positions. However, I haven't found the perfect pair yet, as well as the opportunity to spend the money on that, as I wouldn't use them for anything else.

I have some four or five pairs of heels, and some of them quite high, but I haven't been able to wear them in the bedroom as I can't seem to pass through the hygienic part of it. I can't even wear normal shoes around the house without feeling uneasy, I only put them on when I'm right about to leave. I love walking barefoot and with slippers that sometimes are going to the top of the bed as I like to sit there reading and can't help but avoid street shoes walking around the house.

I'm a little vertically challenged and love wearing high heels, both in and outside the bedroom. My guy likes them too, so they feature in a lot of the photos I send- and they make me feel so sexy and make my legs and bum look a lot better! Good job I have a rather large collection, I haven't sent a photo of the same pair yet!

So it's a yes vote from me- they make me feel more feminine and I love a good strut ;-)