high sex drive

I have an EXTREMELY high sex drive where as my boyfriend hasn't... at all!!

im horny ALL THE TIME! and even masturbating doesn't help.. I just seem to be hornier after i've cum then I was before I started playing.

I'm wondering is anyone knows of ANY ways to calm my sex drive down a bit as it's starting to become a problem.

I am the same! Luckily, I have now found a guy who can keep up with me (yay)

Can I ask if you do clitoral mastrubation or penetrative? I find clitoral mastrubation would not stop my sex drive but playing with a dildo would.

Will have a think....

I can only seem to orgasm from clitoral masturbation.

Only thing i can think of it to try and keep occupied and distracted whenever you feel the need.

do you have any hobbies you could get into more?

or you could try thinking un - sexy thoughts.

As you mentioned it's becoming a problem you could always see a sex therapist? relate have some information on their website http://www.relate.org.uk/sex-therapy/index.html

I am like that in the week before period and during the period (damn hornomes ). But I absolutely lack interest when the period is over (or almost and I can hardly orgasm). Although I can only orgams from clitoral stimulation even during sex, I do find having a vibrator or now even got a dildo, very enjoyable. Maybe that would satisty the need slightly?

But it is not a problem for me, I can perfectly control myself and go round my normal routine and really enjoy my evening session either alone or with my OH. Although the question is what kind of problem? In the relationship, because you 2 have different sex drive, or you are loosing control and having problems with concentrating on things?

I tend to go walks or nap if it gets too much... not so bad these days cos the OH is just as bad!

I've always been much the same... Though, having a long distance relationship, I've sorta had to deal with it! I do also find that internal stimulation will satisfy me far better than just clitoral, so I often pop off for a bit of time with the rabbit.

I think a lot of this frustration is also a need to feel recognised sexually... So sometimes it helps if I can make myself look "hot" and hit the town with a swing in my step... Or go to a party and get my hips moving! ;D

I don't think there's any sure "cure" for this, but there are certainly things you could try to distract yourself... Or just tease your partner into sex ;D

I myself have a very high sex drive and ive yet to find a partner that is on the same level. It has caused problems with previous relationships and in fact has been the cause of a couple of break ups. I am fortunate now that i have a very open relationship which allows me to have a number of partners if i so wish. X

If I can find it....

I started a thread all about this, Lots of helpful stuff in there.

If I find it I'll post a link, Oh, And welcome to the Oa ;)

Here you go...