Hiya everyone :-)

Hi there everyone, having just cottoned on to the joys of Lovehoney I thought I'd say hello and introduce myself to what seems like a really lovely community of likeminded people... suspect I'm likely to spend far too much time on the forum and probably far too much money on the lovely toys and clothing on here :-)

Will try to get some more pics up too if anyone's interested too...



Hi Andy welcome to the forum!

Hi and welcome x

Thanks Choclover, much appreciated :-)

Thanks Angeldelight too :-)

Hey, and welcome :)

Word of warning - you will get addicted! x

Hope so!


No problem Andy - I seriously need to get some photo's done too, yours is pretty cool :)

Thanks ever so much Choclover... bit of a so and so taking pix of myself and finding someone else to is a little difficult as a singly :-)

Welcome to the OA, Hello :)

A fab job indeed then!