holiday sex!!

my first multi orgasm was onmy birthday on holiday... our son was soundo in bed and wed been teasing each other all day till we finally couldnt hold it any longer, we started on over the table moved on to the stairs, making our way to the bedroom were we tried so many new things and kept going for a couple of hours. neather of us orgasmed till the end... my trick was each time i wanted to i clentched my vagina muscles till the 'urge' subsided resulting in a mind blowing multi wen we came to a finish lol!! amazing!!

that works on blokes too..get the woman on top and get the bloke really close to orgasm then stop as you feel them right on the edge..keep moving very slowly or play with yourself in front of him, anything to keep him up there and slowly get faster again, if you repeat this a couple of times the bloke will be aching to come and it'll feel amazing for both partners ;)

ill deff have to try that one thanks for that he wont no wot hit him!!

heya tried that lil trick you suggested lets just say it blew him and me away thank u so much for that!!

woohoo glad to help :D hope you enjoyed it too ;)

well i know what im doing 2nyt ;P