Holiday sex

As it is half term this week, my wife and I and our 2 kids are going away for the week. My wife and I are determined to make the most of our time away and are aiming to have as much fun as we possibly can! We are staying in the most amazing cottage in the cotswolds which is an upside down cottage (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining room downstairs, lounge upstairs) We really want to make the most of it but there are other holiday cottages within a close distance and as the house is several hundreds of years old, we don't know how sound proof the walls are and without being funny, we take the average age down to about 80 with us being here (we are 37 and 32!) We do want to have as much fun as possible but obviously want to be respectful to our older neighbours as well! Any hints or tips to help us out here?!?!? Thanks in advance

I really wouldn't worry about it. Close the curtains, and be mindful of where the light is in the room. You don't want the light between you and the window, or your neighbours will have a shadow to watch. As for noise make as much as you want. You will never see these people again, and what you do in the privacy of your own holiday cottage is up to you.

Personally I really enjoy sex in the bathroom. Enjoy yourself.

Go around to neighbours and give them cotton wool :)

Old houses in the Cotswolds normally have walls 3 foot thick they won't hear a thing

well we will test it tonight and see!

Ha enjoy your time away . Don't worry about the neighbours 😁😁

How did you get on? It's your holiday, do what you wish. I would scream the house down.

Older houses such as those are usually made of brick and hold sound very well, I wouldn't worry too much about disturbing any neighbours. Plus I'm sure they all take their hearing aids out before bed anyway :P

Well we got 1 or 2 funny looks this morning and things were very tame last night! It may have nothing to do with last night at all though! Will gauge their reaction tomorrow morning as the wine is going to be free flowing tonight and there will certainly be a lot more noise!

As long as they don't ask to join in you should be ok.

Holiday sex is always amazing I personally love hotel rooms as there is always something slightly exciting knowing that the people in the room next door know exactly what you are doing.